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map of United States

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The images, music, and movement work together to make learning efficient and effective.


As kids sing along and move-- they won't even realize they are learning.

Learn the U.S. Capitals!

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Learn U.S. geography!

I remember studying geography on numerous occasions across my years of schooling. I never truly learned it until I taught myself. Think about it: the divisions between different states were sometimes strategic and sometimes relatively arbitrary. And the names of the states many times were not words that started out as English words. And the capitals can be impossible to pronounce! Then you give kids a black and white worksheet and ask them to memorize all of this information? No wonder students come looking for me. I came up with this method with kids in mind; all different kinds of kids. I use music and movement, rhyme and colorful images. And a story about Birkenstock the turkey who really wants to be the nation's official bird. I know this method helped me learn geography; and now I find myself more interested in the news when they show a map or mention a state capital. I feel confident because I learned it so well, and now new information sticks more easily in my brain!

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