Dr. Ruby's Red and Blue shoes

Dr. Ruby helps kids break it down.

Learning to tie shoes does not have to be a frustrating lesson; with music, movement, and rhyme, Dr. Ruby gives parents just the right tool for success!

Dr. Ruby to the Rescue!

Parents and teachers can use the lesson as a way to help kids learn how they learn:

"Okay, let's think about this. Who feels as if the song works the best? Who likes the book best?

Let's try and figure out WHY we like a certain part of this lesson. Each of us has a very unique brain; each of us has both strengths and challenge areas we can build upon; I'm very good with music, but sometimes I struggle with numbers. I love writing stories, but I am not very good with directions or finding my way to the library. Let's explore this together and find ways to make more parts of our brain light up!"

Now a parent or teacher will have another magical trick up a sleeve with the video and book below.

If you are interested in purchasing the red and blue laces, click here. If you are left-handed, keep scrolling for book and video made just for you!

How can you help, you ask?

I offer all of my materials here for free. If you have found them useful, I ask that you make a donation to my local animal shelter to help dogs find their forever homes. I have created a gofundme page to make it easy. Every dollar helps.