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Julie Rubinacci

I work with all ages, pre-k through college
Research-Based Methods
No Worksheets
Active and Interactive


One-on-One $65 per session

 I have been a teacher since 1993, and  I have worked with almost  every grade level, from pre-k through college.  My passion is reading and writing instruction, and I have spent the last fifteen years working on a program to make instruction fun and interactive.  I have studied the Orton-Gillingham method, and my program combines elements of Orton with principles I learned from Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences Theory).  Students first learn  strategies through movement, song, and rhyme.  I then help them learn how to use strategies within fun, high-quality children's books or young-adult fiction.  My goal is to help students experince the joy that comes from reading a text with accuracy, fluency and understanding (as well as writing for a real audience). 

One of my students made amazing progress in the area of reading.  When we met, she was reading 85% of her book correctly at 24 words per minute.  After only 6 sessions, she read 99% correctly at 77 words per minute! Listen to the difference here:

My kids leave tutoring excited because they finally get to experience what it feels like to be successful.

About Me:
*Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning from Georgia State
*20+ years of teaching experience
*Reading Specialist
*Superb student reviews
*I sing, play guitar, and make YouTube videos
*I love animals
*I scuba dive

Spending time with kids is
a mission, not a job.