Raising Money for Souls in Need

I started Ruby’s Rescues to help licensed wildlife rehabbers and foster dogs here in Atlanta. Fifty cents of every single dollar I make is placed in a trust and will never be spent. I will leave this legacy for future rehabbers and foster families when I am gone; dividends will be used to purchase replacement formula and veterinary care. Support from our community has been tremendous, and we already have over one thousand dollars in the trust. I feel the need to do more, as our shelters are once again full, and we need hundreds of foster parents to help clear these poor souls from the shelter. We also need a system for training future wildlife rehabbers. I am dreaming of creating something larger than myself and Ruby’s Rescues, a force in Atlanta to bring together animals and people in need. I dream of a place for lost souls of all kinds to find refuge, a soft place to land. Thank you in advance for donating or purchasing teaching materials. You have my word that these funds will be used to make this dream a reality. You can now use Amazon to send us something from our Wish List! Click here to see more of our story!

April 28, 2022: Thank you for helping us reach our goal of $1,000!


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Dr. Julie Rubinacci