One-on-One: $65 per session

I have been a teacher since 1993, and I have worked with almost every grade level, from pre-k through college. My passion is reading and writing instruction, and I have spent the last fifteen years working on a program to make instruction fun and interactive. I have studied the Orton-Gillingham method, and my program combines elements of Orton with principles I learned from Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences Theory). Students first learn strategies through movement, song, and rhyme. I then help them learn how to use strategies within fun, high-quality children's books or young-adult fiction. My goal is to help students experince the joy that comes from reading a text with accuracy, fluency and understanding (as well as writing for a real audience).

My students make amazing progress while having fun. Listen for yourself. When we first met, Jackson was reading 88% of his book accurately at 19 words per minute. After only 6 sessions, he read 96% correctly at 59 words per minute! Listen to the difference below.

My kids leave tutoring excited because they finally get to experience what it feels like to be a successful reader.

About Me:

*Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning from Georgia State
*20+ years of teaching experience
*Reading Specialist
*Superb student reviews
*I sing, play guitar, and make YouTube videos
*I love animals
*I scuba dive

Spending time with kids is a mission, not a job.

My Tutoring Methods

Sandpaper letters to help students with letter formation

Magnetic letters to develop phonics knowledge.

Song, music and movement to help students learn strategies.

Clear data to show growth over time.