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On my way across the United States by Dr. Julie Rubinacci



Learn U.S. Geography with MORE of your Brain!

Burk the turkey needs a little extra help with the Fifty States. Travel with him and we will light up different parts of your brain with music, words, and active images. Learning is always free, and sales from supplemental materials like handouts benefit Ruby's Rescues, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping orphaned, sick, and senior/special needs animals in Atlanta.


Meaningful pictures move through the occipital lobe and are noted by the temporal lobe!


Mnemonic devices activate your temporal lobe and frontal cortex to help you remember!


Movement within the Powerpoint Presentation activates the motor cortex in your brain!


Watching meaningful gestures lights up the posterior temporal cortex in your brain!

Learn for free, and then help me save lives!

Click here to order a set of flashcards (pdf file, 4x6 cards) on TeacherspayTeachers. I place fifty cents of EVERY dollar into a trust that will never be touched. I want to leave a legacy so my kindred souls can continue caring for animals in need long after I am gone.

Part One: Washington, Oregon, and California

WA OR CA memory trick

Content Videos

Video: Learn Geography

Video: Learn the Capitals


Watch and Learn: Print and Cursive

I am ::::very slowly:::: learning how to use a tablet to record myself writing the states and capitals.
Your goal should be for yours to look better than mine, which will no doubt be very easy! ::laugh::

Print the States

States in Cursive

Print the Capitals

Capitals in Cursive

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